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Messi gets candid: talks about his retirement, Neymar, friends, WC 2018, UCL, Madrid and achievements.

Lionel Messi discusses his past career achievements, retirement and key moments. Also expresses his views on Neymar’s rumors relating him to Real Madrid, future quests, national team and World Cup 2018. Also gives a hint for life after hanging his boots as a player.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

In a recent interview, Messi got candid and talked about his career so far. He discussed his quest for FIFA World Cup in 2014 in which he managed to reach the final with Argentina but lost to Germany.

“A pity the final of the World Cup in Brazil, what is done is done but at least we reached the final.”

“The tension that I felt before (When he gave interviews) I no longer have, I did not feel comfortable.”

Two years after the FIFA World Cup defeat Argentina reached to final of Copa America Centenario in 2016 held in USA. Argentina lost to Chile on penalties and Messi announced his retirement after the loss. Messi later came back on request of his peers and now realizes it wasn’t a healthy decision.

“In this last decade we feel that we have an obligation to win (In the national team), we were in three finals and we lost them, and that is a weight we have.”

“After saying that I left the national team, I was giving the wrong message to people who fight for their dreams, we have to keep fighting for what we want.”

The 30-year-old recalls his old days and discusses the titles he enjoyed the most.

“The title that I celebrated the most was the first Champions League.”

Messi is a name which is always compared to Cristiano Ronaldo and the debate over who is the best keeps on catching fire ever since they started playing. Messi addresses to this topic and justifies his stand of enjoying the game he plays rather than falling into the comparisons.

“I have never said that I am the best or the second or the third best.”

“I’m not interested in being ‘the best in history’, I don’t compete with anyone, I just like to improve myself year after year.”

“I don’t compete with Cristiano Ronaldo, it challenges to see Madrid win the Champions League, to see that others win titles… I want to be a champion every year.”

One of the best friends the Argentine forward has is Neymar. The duel enjoyed a couple of good seasons together and tasted glory. Now that Neymar has left Barcelona for PSG and is further rumored to join arch-rivals of the Catalan club i.e. Real Madrid. Messi doesn’t see it as a pleasant transfer.

“Seeing Neymar at Real Madrid would be terrible.”

A short time ago Argentina lost 6-1 to Spain in an international friendly held at Wanda Metropolitano. The Captain of the team wasn’t playing but was there in the audience to see his national side play against the former World Champions.

“The 6-1 against Spain doesn’t tell the whole story. We were good in the first half. We had possession and created many chances.”

Messi’s national teammate Agüero has been a close associate of his. The 5-time Ballon De Ore winner also happens to be the Godfather of Agüero’s son. Messi discusses more about his friend’s development and rumors which link himself away from Barcelona in order to join Agüero and his old coach Pep Guardiola in Manchester City.

“I enjoy playing together with Agüero but I am not going to Manchester City.”

“Agüero grew a lot on a personal level with Guardiola, who is one of the best coaches in the world, he makes you see things that you don’t see.”

“I’m not tempted to leave Barça, it’s the best team in the world, the best city in the world, my children have their friends here… I don’t need change. I don’t need to go anywhere else to prove anything.”

Messi further talks about his rivals Real Madrid and also expresses his frustration for falling out in the quarterfinals of UCL this season.

“Madrid have players, position by position, among the best in the world, we also have it. They get it done, sometimes by playing badly. For us, we have to always be superior to our rivals to win.”

“Let’s be honest, this last UCL was a sh*t, we were already in semis… It was a disappointment.”

Though Sampaoli is heavily criticised for his management with Argentina so far, the Barcelona man appreciates him and his efforts.

“Sampaoli demands the maximum from us. He always wants 100%.”

Messi discusses his friendships with Suarez and Iniesta. Also talks about his two beloved teams and if he watches his own games.

“The relationship I have with Suarez outside the field improves our game in the field. He is a very familiar person. Much love, we have a nice friendship.”

“I don’t like to watch my own games. But yes, I have changed as a player and person over the years and I have incorporated some new things to my game.”

“Iniesta and I practically started together. We lived through so many great moments.”

“In the locker room I try to be with my teammates, talking, warming up a bit, doing things.”

“Barça and Argentina are my two big loves.”

Many fans believe they will see Messi managing a team after he has retired. The man addresses the talk himself.

“I do not know what I’ll do after I leave football, I don’t plan to be a coach. Zidane also said he did not want to be and look now… I live day to day, I enjoy my children, I appreciate every day.”

Finally, Messi analyses how the game has changed in the past years and throws light on his future desirable quests.

“Today’s football is very tactical and competitive, it’s getting harder and harder to find spaces.”

“We will do everything we can in the World Cup and try to win it. God decides.”

Will he be able to win the World Cup this time? He has an interesting squad and you don’t doubt a team which has one of the best players ever.

The former Ballon De Ore winner has managed to win La Liga and Copa Del Rey with his club and a trophy with his national side would be icing on the cake.

The FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup beings on June 15th. The matches will be telecasted all over the world via the official broadcasting partners of FIFA.

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