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Jose Mourinho claims Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘prohibited’ by Real Madrid and has all ‘doors closed’.

Jose Mourinho labels Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to anywhere in Europe as a ‘Prohibition’. The Coach further talked about his own possibility of joining the Portuguese NT as a manager and how Real Madrid president Florentino Perez prevented him from doing so earlier.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho gave a short interview to the Portuguese news outlet RECORD, which was published on Thursday, May 17, 2018. The manager talked about his club’s potential signing of Real Madrid’s showbiz footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

The coach claimed Real Madrid has closed the doors for their all-time top scorer and wouldn’t let him join any club in Europe.

“I think Real Madrid won’t sell him, it’s prohibitive. He has to stay until the moment they authorize him to go play one year in America or anywhere else he wants to enjoy. The doors are closed for him in Europe.”

The Portuguese coach who shares the same nationality with the 5-time Ballon De Ore winner believed that if there was any chance to sign the left-winger, then Manchester United wouldn’t miss the opportunity. Cristiano Ronaldo is still loved by the English club’s fans and they term him as one of the best ever to wear the red jersey. The current best player in the world played for Manchester United from 2003 to 2009 before he moved to Spanish giants Real Madrid.

“I don’t think so (that Ronaldo will join the club again), but everyone knows his history in Manchester United, the passion that he has for the club. There are players in the world that, if the clubs has the possibility of signing them, they are not going to say no.”

Jose Mourinho said that he doesn’t even have any hypothetical situations or plans where he sees his former player playing under him again at Manchester United.

Mourinho who earlier gave himself the nickname of “The Special One” now considers to be called “The Mature One”.

“If any of the young Portuguese coaches did half of what I did, I will give them the authorization to be considered the new ‘Special One.”

In a jolly mood, he continued with his statement and addressed his recently found modesty, or as he likes to believe so by not getting into hot waters this season for his short-tempered reactions on the sidelines.

“I was joking with the English press that this year I should have won the coach’s prize with the best behavior on the bench, I did not have a fine or a suspension.”

“The Mature One” talked about his possibility of joining the National side as a manager. Jose claimed that he was close to taking up the job but the Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez stopped him from doing so as Mourinho was the coach of the Spanish side.

“I almost went once, but (the president of Madrid) Florentino Pérez He did not leave me, because he thought that the position of the Real coach was not compatible with the national team.” 

There are talks that after the end of Manchester United contract in 2021, Jose Mourinho will join the Portuguese NT as a manager. Jose comments on this and believes it is a process which occurs naturally and that the job of the national side is not a dream or an obsession of his. He listed the number of situations which would make him consider for taking up the job.

“Only when I’m tired from day to day, three games and seven workouts a week, one-month of preseason, something that doesn’t tire me now.”

Jose believes that the day he is tired from the regular routine of club football, he then may move to the national side. Until then, we will be having the privilege to see him more often in action and get to hear his witty statements every week.

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