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“A year here is equal to ten away from here even if you play less.” Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane gives a press conference prior to the last game of the La Liga season against Villarreal. He talks about a number of things including the transfer rumors, Bale’s progress and fitness of Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

As Real Madrid are set to play the last game of the La Liga season against Villarreal tomorrow. Zidane believes it wouldn’t work as a replica for the UCL final which is scheduled to be played in Kiev next week.

“Nothing alike, as a team, I don’t think Villarreal are the same team (as Liverpool). They’re different. Villarreal plays, always come out with the ball and try to play from the back. That’s not the case with Liverpool. It’s different but whatever. The thing is to play a good game tomorrow, that is the last game to get ready for the final. And after we will have a week for preparation for the other game, in the details. They are different teams.”

Atletico Madrid who are rivals of Real Madrid have just won the Europa League and now their main striker Antonio Greizmann is in talks with Barcelona. This move is likely to happen in the summer transfer window but would this affect Real Madrid in any way as two of their rivals trade one of the current best players in the world. Zidane insists that it is not his problem.

“I don’t know, I don’t have an opinion. It’s spoken about but I have no information. We will see what happens in the future. Neither good or bad. It’s not my problem.”

Though there have been rotations all season long for Zidane there were some players who have played far less than anyone anticipated. Achraf, Ceballos, and Mayoral, many people believe that they have wasted their season by staying in Madrid. Zidane expresses his views of playing for a club of Real Madrid’s magnitude.

 “The first thing is that’s a lie. To the contrary. A year here is ten away from here even though you play less. Training with the players who are here. It’s not a lost year. They have improved massively. They didn’t expect to play a little, like everyone, but it’s a very positive year. They are very young, let’s see the year coming. Next year some of them have to play. But it’s not a lost year.”

Recently Messi said about it being a nightmare to see Neymar playing for Real Madrid, Zidane expressed his views on these comments and if it motivates him to trigger the move this summer.

“I am not talking about players that aren’t here. And that’s it. There are ten days left, two games. After, we will talk about what you want to talk about, but now no.”

The journalists enquired about Cristiano Ronaldo’s fitness if he is 150% to which Zidane addressed.

“Yes, at 120%. He’s good, he’s trained like normal.”

Gareth Bale has been restricted his playing time due to several injuries in the past couple of seasons. Zidane now has been patient with the Welsh player giving him a limited number of minutes to get him back to his best gradually but it seems the Real Madrid number 11 wishes to make a faster comeback and play a major role, especially in UCL Final this season. Zidane throws light on the issue and talks if Bale will be a starter in Kiev as his latest performances have been enjoyed by the fans.

“It’s good for me, and for the players. I won’t be saying anything about the line-up until the game and that’s it. Bale is better, he’s training well. When he plays and score goals, you can say he is better but he trains well and I want him to do well. The most important thing is to see everyone well physically. It is the most important. After, amongst the 24, I’m fucked over those who will be left off the list for these games.”

Though clearly, Zidane has a tough decision to make regarding the Lineups, he keeps the cards close to his chest and catches everyone with surprise due to his unique skill of rotation and team selection. Though it has paid off well most of the times.

Real Madrid play Villarreal tomorrow at 7:45 PM CET. The match will be broadcasted all over the world via official telecasting partners of La Liga Santander.

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