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Didier Deschamps opens up about Karim Beznema and responds to prior statements as he released the squad list for World Cup 2018.

French coach continuous his fiery duel with Karim Benzema as he did not call up the Striker for the National Team traveling to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018. Deschamps also responds to earlier statements of the Real Madrid number 9.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The French and Algerian origin striker Karim Benzema was involved in a blackmailing case regarding his national teammate Mathieu Valbuena’s sex tape. The court has yet to arrive on a verdict to the case but Karim Benzema has already suffered a humiliation and received a lot of criticism from people all over the world. The case also cost Karim of a spot in the French National Team. He was earlier left out of the Euro 2016 squad and now he’s been left out again for the World Cup 2018 squad.

Here is what Karim had to say a few months ago regarding his National team’s manager Didier Deschamps and what would Karim say to him in order to convince him to call the striker for World Cup squad.

“I don’t have any problem in any case. You mustn’t be silly, though. As long as Deschamps is the national team coach, I won’t have a chance of coming back, that’s what I think anyway. It’s not a question of calling him or not. I had him on the telephone before the Euro. I respect him and I have always respected him. At the start, he showed me a lot of respect, then he turned his back on me just like that. It’s hurtful.”

“I am 30 years old, I have two children, I am calm here, if you need me, you know where I am.”

“Me? Now? Nothing. I have not talked to the coach for a long time and without saying a word, it’s very difficult.”

Karim Benzema was criticised by the Prime Minister of France when the case was registered against him. Then-Prime Minister Manuel Valls commented on the topic and targetted Benzema saying that a great athlete must be exemplary.

Karim Benzema responded to these comments in the same interview.

“When a prime minister talks about you, it’s not football anymore.”

“I think football and politics shouldn´t mix and in my case it’s a political issue.”

Karim was always seen to be quiet when the French national anthem played. He explained his reasons for not singing La Marseillaise. 

“If you listen properly, La Marseillaise calls for war, I do not like that.”

Now that the French national squad list has been released Karim Benzema doesn’t feature in it as anticipated due to the rough pattern of conflict between the player and the management.

On being asked to address the issue the French coach Didier Deschamps gave his views on the issue.

“Two years ago (since the sextape affair) I put the group above all, I make choices for the good of the France team.” 

Karim Benzema has caused a rift with his Instagram activity of liking the videos, pictures, and vines which mock Didier Deschamps and Valbuena while projecting Karim as the sole hero who fights them both and emerges victorious.

Deschamps had responded to such activities and prior statements of Karim a few months ago when he was selecting his squad for the qualifying matches of World Cup 2018. He termed the activity as “Pitiful”.

“I’ll give you an answer. The French team was built before the Euro, and was consolidated through the competition in which France managed to get to the final. It continued to be so in the qualifying games.”

“I have a squad in which there is harmony. I have faith in the players, who have paid me back on the pitch. I have brought in young players, because they have a lot of potential. I’m the only one who decides, and I take decisions based on sporting reasons.”

“For me, I have always thought a squad comes before everything. I always make decisions for the good of the French national team. I always talk with my technical staff before I announce a squad. I have always done that, I am changing nothing.”

“I rarely read newspapers, so I did not read (Karim’s interview). Obviously I have heard the most part of it. Every player is free to talk. I can’t speak for everyone but I would like to say that most players want to play for French NT. You know where I stand in this matter, and until I change (my mind) it remains the same. I take decisons thinking about the group. It’s not a problem.”

With Benzema out and Antonio Griezmann being in form. The French NT may have their starting XI issue resolved well. With likes of Pogba, Mbappe, Griezmann, Varane, Umtiti, and other stars in the team, the French are one of the favorites to win the World Cup 2018.

The Blues kick off their World Cup campaign on 16th June 2018 against Australia at 12 noon CET. All the world cup matches will be telecasted live via the official broadcasting partners of UEFA.

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