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Eden Hazard’s latest comment on Ballon d’Or may not go down well with Messi and Cristiano fans.

Eden Hazard believes he will be a Ballon d’Or winner if he plays more selfishly but that’s not his nature and style of play.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

In a recent interview with BBC Sport, the Belgian footballer Eden Hazard talked about a bunch of things including his playing style, childhood, and family.

The 27-year-old talked about his background and the childhood connection to the sport of football which contributed in many ways for the player he is today.

“My mum used to play football, and I went to the stadium to see my dad play. I started playing at the age of 3 or 4 in my village. I practiced a lot with my brothers, I am the oldest one so it was easy for me to have the ball and then they tried to catch me. That’s why I’m playing like this now.”

Eden Hazard’s father has been publicly saying that his son would win a Ballon d’Or if he plays more selfishly. To which the Chelsea man has responded affirmatively. His father claimed he was glad for his son not being selfish and being the man he is and playing in the same way.

“He always told me that. Maybe it is true. In football now, if you wanna win something like Ballon d’Or or top scorer (Golden Boot), you need to be selfish, but I’m not like this, not at all. I’m just who I am.”

The Belgian forward is a father to three boys and is keen to have more male children for the love of it. He also addressed the amount of energy and enthusiasm the kids bring to the house and how he deals with it.

“It is not simple everyday. We have three beautiful boys, I want more it is not finished (winks). I want 5-6 boys and play football in the garden.” 

The Chelsea number 10 has won the FA Cup yesterday as his side defeated Manchester United by 1-0. Eden Hazard converted a penalty in the 22nd minute of the game to hand over Blues the victory.



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