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Casemiro continues the war of words with Xavi in his latest interview by giving a savage reply.

Casemiro replies to the criticism of ex-Barcelona man Xavi Hernandez in his latest interview at the open media day training of Real Madrid ahead of UCL Final clash against Liverpool in Kiev. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The Brazillian defensive midfielder has played an integral part of Real Madrid’s success in the recent years by giving the balance between defense and attack and marking the big threats from the opposition.

Zinedine Zidane has always counted on Casemiro in the greatest hour of need and the Real Madrid man has managed to score some long-range goals too in the big games such as UCL Final in Cardiff last year against Juventus.

Though Casemiro has been integral to Real Madrid without a shred of doubt, the ex-Barcelona man Xavi Hernandez has critiqued the technical efficiency of the Brazilian in past and compared him to Barcelona’s defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets.

“Madrid breaks apart, seven players attack and Casemiro stays back on his own to cover the center, Busquets cannot do that as even I am faster than he is. Casemiro is super fast, but he has trouble with everything else as he has not worked on it.

He has other characteristics, is more defensive, makes more tackles, covers more ground, but he does not dominate space-time. If you had started with Casemiro aged 12, 13, 15, then he would have that.”

Ahead of UEFA Champions League Final in Kiev, Real Madrid had organized an open media day for press personnel from 130 different media outlets all over the globe came and interviewed the squad members.

Real Madrid’s 26-year-old academy promotee replied to the criticism of Xavi Hernandez in a cheeky way and taunted about playing in the 3rd consecutive UEFA Champions League Final as the mighty Los Blancos side are about to be the first team ever to win the competition three times in a row in the new era. Last Season Real Madrid became the only side ever to defend the title in its modern format.

“Everyone can speak whatever they want, I’m in Real Madrid and about to play in another Champions League final.”

Will Casemiro have the last laugh after wining the third consecutive UEFA Champions League title is yet to be seen on 26th of May 2018 at 7:45 PM CET. The Final game of Liverpool vs Real Madrid will take place in Kiev, Ukraine and will be televised all over the globe via the official broadcasting partners of UEFA.


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