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Jurgen Klopp analyzes Real Madrid’s weakness ahead of UEFA Champions League Final.

It is highly unlikely for a coach to give out information regarding what their gameplan is but Jurgen Klopp isn’t the one who has kept his cards close to the chest this time. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

Jurgen Klopp was quizzed by the former Red jersey wearer of Liverpool, Robbie Fowler. The German coach discussed the UEFA Champions League Final match against Real Madrid.

The former Borussia Dortmund coach has played against Real Madrid on a couple of occasions and now seems to know their gameplay well. He pointed out the defensive plan of Real Madrid which Liverpool shall try to exploit on Saturday.

“Marcelo is a player who attacks a lot, but… he doesn’t defend, but football is not as easy as saying: ‘If Marcelo joins the attack on the right we leave Salah in that space,’ because our player will then meet with Sergio Ramos.”

Sergio Ramos is considered the best defender of this generation and has gained praise from the likes of Maldini regarding his work rate and game IQ. Klopp defines this well in his own words that why Liverpool will need more chances to score than their opponents in Kiev.

“They need four chances to score twice, and in the semi-finals, Bayern needed eight to score one,”

Many of the people claimed that Real Madrid have been lucky to get past Juventus and Bayern Munich this season in Champions League. Jurgen Klopp rubbishes the claim as he is aware of the magnitude of the side his players will be up against on 26th of May.

“Everyone says that Real Madrid had luck eliminating Juventus and Bayern, but it is the third year in a row that they are in a final, and the fourth in five years.”

The 50-year-old manager is confident of bringing the trophy to Anfield and is prepared for the final in the best way.

“We will do everything we can in the final and it will be decided in the decisive moments when the opportunity arises.”

So far, Jurgen Klopp has not won many of the finals he’s played in with a track record of 6 losses to 1 win. He faces Zinedine Zidane who has played in 7 finals as a manager and has won all of them.

Will Klopp be able to improve his record in finals or will Zinedine Zidane make it 8 wins? That will be known on 26th of May 2018 at 7:45 PM CET when Real Madrid line up against Liverpool in the final of UEFA Champions League in Kiev, Ukraine. The match will be telecasted live all around the globe via the official broadcasting partners of UEFA.

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