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Marcelo admits he doesn’t know the criteria for Ballon d’Or, also talks about Neymar, Cristiano and Ramos.

Brazillian left-back has spoken on a number of issues including the criteria for Ballon d’Or which he admits is out of his capacity to understand. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

Marcelo interacted with media in a recent press conference for his national side Brazil as he heads to Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The Real Madrid man has won 4 UEFA Champions League titles with his club in last 5 years. He talked about the burning issues of the club regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’ departure and Neymar Jr’s arrival.

“Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t own Real Madrid, so it’s not because he’s there that Neymar can’t be brought in, all of the players want him to stay, but the door is always open for Neymar to join.”

Marcelo has been confident of landing Neymar in the Spanish club for a long time and the two have been good friends as they share the same dressing room for their national side.

“I think the best players in the world have to play at Real Madrid, and I already said for two or three years that, for me, one day Neymar will be there.”

The 30-year-old has lifted the third consecutive UEFA Champions League which has been unprecedented in the new era of the competition. Though the success of the club has been overshadowed by the criticism of English and Egyptian media who crucified the image of Sergio Ramos for that tackle on Salah and accusing him of causing a concussion on Loris Karius the goalkeeper for Liverpool. Marcelo expressed his disgust over the issue and claimed the merits of Real Madrid haven’t been discussed or appreciated as much.

“I’ve known Sergio Ramos for 12 years, and it’s boring to win three Champions Leagues in a row and all everybody talks about is it’s because he hit the goalkeeper, they also ask why he wasn’t sent off, or why a penalty wasn’t given.”

“Real Madrid achieved the success on its own merits, yet you value the goalkeeper’s errors more and claim it was Ramos’ fault.”

Sergio Ramos recently mocked the Liverpool fans who accused him of a conspiracy regarding Salah’s injury and contact with Loris Karius. The Spaniard said the only thing which left is for Firmino to accuse Ramos of catching a cold from a drop of his sweat. Firmino later replied to these comments and termed it as ‘idiotic’. Marcelo did not seem to be pleased with the reply of his national teammate.

“I don’t want to give an opinion on what [Firmino] said, but I think you should always have respect for your fellow professionals.”

On being asked if Marcelo can win a Ballon d’Or in near future, he replied that he doesn’t know about the criteria and it is out of his capacity to understand on which basis is the voting done.

“To this day, I still don’t understand how they choose the Ballon d’Or or the 11 best players of FIFA, whether it is for titles, for how you played during the season, for the face with which you are born with…If anyone knows please tell me.”

Finally, Marcelo talked about the best player in the world. It was no surprise as he chose his Real Madrid teammate once again but he believes that Neymar Jr will soon catch up to his level and continue the legacy.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world for me, without a doubt, and Neymar has a brilliant career ahead and will surely equal him.”

Brazil now head to Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018 where they will kick off their campaign against Switzerland on 18th June 2018 at 7:00 PM CET.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia will be commenced on 14th June 2018 at 2:00 PM CET.

The first game between home team Russia and Saudi Arabia will be played in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow at 3:00 PM CET.

All the matches of the competition will be telecasted live all over the world via the official broadcasting partners of FIFA.

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