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Pep Guardiola slams Yaya Toure over his allegations of Racism.

The Manchester City boss has responded to the racism accusations made by his player Yaya Toure. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

A few days ago the 35-year-old player from Ivory Coast made some eyebrow-raising remarks regarding his club coach, Pep Guardiola. Yaya Toure claimed that the Spanish coach is racist towards African players and also debunked his success at Barcelona. Many of the people regard Pep as one of the best coaches ever who revolutionized football but that’s not the case with Yaya who believes all the Spaniard did was replicate the great Johan Cruyff.

“You realise that he has problems with Africans, wherever he goes, I ask myself questions. He will never admit it. But the day he will line up a team in which we find five Africans, not naturalised, I promise I will send him a cake.

Actually I want to be the one who breaks the Guardiola myth a bit. Barcelona, he did not invent it. He just had the intelligence to adapt what Cruyff had set up. Then, at Bayern and City, he tried to reproduce the same patterns but with this requirement: working with ‘his’ players and with almost unlimited means. It would not work at Crystal Palace or Watford.”

Pep who has worked with several African players has responded to Yaya Toure and has rubbished his remarks.

“It’s a lie and he knows it,

we were together for two years and now this is when he says it.

He never told me face to face.”

The ex-manager of Barcelona and Bayern Munchen was asked if he would take up a job of a sporting directory or a president after he retires, to which he abruptly responded negatively.

“No, I am a coach [not a president] and I am good at what I do, you can’t be everything, when I stop coaching, you will find me playing golf.”


Manchester City head coach, Pep Guardiola relishing his hobby during the Fondazione Vialli Mauro ProAm Golf Cup in Capriate d’Orba, Alessandria, Italy on 28th May 2018.


Pep is often linked to a return for his old loved club Barcelona, but the coach claims it is a part of history and the two may not ever cross the paths ever again.

“As the coach of Barcelona, it’s over, because I’m not the same and nor do they look towards me the same.”

The coach is also recognized as a sympathizer of Catalan independence movement. He continued with his political indulgence with his comments on the sensitive matters in Spain and asked for justice.

“It doesn’t seem right to me to sing the anthem of Spain, but I think it is silly to remove the yellow shirts because it is not a political symbol, it is something transversal.

It only asks for the freedom of people charged with 30 years in prison for getting into a car.

This is what hurts the most: seeing people in prison or in exile. Nothing will be able to return to normal until that is solved.”

The season is over and Pep now relaxes while 15 of his Manchester City players are on national duty in Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia will be commenced on 14th June 2018 at 4:00 PM CET.

The first game between home team Russia and Saudi Arabia will be played in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow at 5:00 PM CET.

All the matches of the competition will be telecasted live all over the world via the official broadcasting partners of FIFA.

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