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Jose Mourinho trolls Lionel Messi in a hilarious manner while portrays Cristiano Ronaldo as a hero.

The Manchester United coach from Portugal has made his World Cup predictions and has attempted a troll on Lionel Messi.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The Portuguese origin coach Jose Mourinho is free in the summer as FIFA World Cup 2018 takes place in Russia. The current Manchester United boss partnered with RT and featured in a program called ‘Inside The Crystal-Football’ to predict each stage of the World Cup.

Jose Mourinho chose the group leaders as per the following.

Group A:

Winner: Uruguay

Runners Up: Russia

Group B:

Winners: Spain

Runners Up: Portugal

Group C:

Winners: France

Runners Up: Australia

Group D:

Winners: Argentina

Runners Up: Nigeria

Group E:

Winners: Brazil

Runners Up: Switzerland

Group F:

Winners: Germany

Runners Up: Mexico

Group G:

Winners: England

Runners Up: England

Group H:

Winners: Senegal

Runners Up: Poland

The quarterfinalists were predicted as per following.









The semifinalists according to Jose Mourinho will be as follows:





The third-place tie will be between Germany and Brazil where the South-American side will take revenge against the defending world champions, as per Jose Mourinho.

The Final match Jose predicts between Argentina and Portugal. Though the former Real Madrid coach did not choose a clear winner but cleverly indicated where his heart was while taking a dig at Lionel Messi.

Jose predicted that the match will end up as a draw and will enter into penalties. He further predicted that it would end take 11 players of each side to decide the title. Mourinho says the last man to take the penalty for Argentina will be Messi and Ronaldo for Portugal. Mourinho doesn’t clarify any further and says ‘rest is up to your own imagination’.

Though the football fans have understood that Mourinho took a dig at Lionel Messi who is ridiculed for missing penalties in tense situations. One of the infamous one being in the Copa America Centenario 2016 where the Argentine missed the penalty and it cost his side the title. Messi also announced his retirement after that game against Chile, but later came out of retirement.

Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, is known for his love for penalties while he enjoys an exceptional success rate in converting from the spot under pressure.

The video of Jose Mourinho predicting the FIFA World Cup Final can be seen here:

Tonight the Portuguese side will play against Spain on 20:00 CET for their opening game of the competition.

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