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Lionel Messi’s latest comments cause stir amongst Barcelona and Argentina fans.

The Argentine has responded to the rumors of retirement and it may not be a news which people would like to hear. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The Barcelona man is in Russia currently for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Messi will captain his side in the tournament after he cruised his national team into the qualification of World Cup.

There has been a lot of pressure on the Argentine to lead his country to World Cup glory but that has not happened since the era of Diego Maradona.

Messi has indicated towards the pressure in several instances, one of them being when he retired from the national side after losing the final of Copa America Centenario in 2016 against Chile. Though he came out of the decision quite soon later on after being requested by the players and coaches.

In his column in La Nacion newspaper, Lionel Messi has once again talked about his future with Argentina. According to him if the national team does well in the competition he will carry on, else he will retire and wouldn’t feature in the next 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“They ask me if this will be my last World Cup and I don’t know. I’m not thinking about that now. It will surely depend on how this month goes, on how we finish in the tournament.”

The Barcelona man who has won 5 Ballon d’Or has claimed that he would happily exchange his individual glory with a trophy for the national side.

“I’ve already said I would swap the Ballon d’Or for a title with the national team. I’m not saying the Ballons aren’t valuable, no, but the team prizes always come ahead of individual ones.”

Messi admits that he is content with his Barcelona career and has proven himself in Spain. Though he would like to replicate the success for the South-American side so that his countrymen also have something to cheer about and can proudly regard him at par with Diego Maradona if not better than him.

“I’ve won a lot with Barcelona and my motivation has always been the same: To continue winning. I will go after that in Russia.”

Messi says that winning the World Cup is the biggest accomplishment for a player and is the pinnacle of one’s career. This would a feat which Messi would strive for in Russia.

“To win a World Cup is the maximum for any player. I’m very motivated to win the World Cup.”

Messi will now kick off his World Cup campaign against Iceland; an underdog team known for its rock solid defense. The match is scheduled for 15:00 CET tonight.

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