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Patrice Evra identifies the difference between Messi and Ronaldo which explains their performances in World Cup 2018.

Patrice Evra stated the difference between the two best players of all times. The argument put forward by the ex-Manchester United player explains the stats of both the players in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The 37-year-old French defender, Patrice Evra has spoken about the difference between the Argentine and the Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hattrick against Spain 2 days ago which included one penalty and a freekick which the Portuguese converted for his side to snatch a point in the 3-3 draw. The world appreciated the performance of the Real Madrid man who scored his 51st career hattrick.

The other day Lionel Messi captained Argentina against Iceland but couldn’t manage to penetrate the defense of Iceland as the match ended in 1-1 draw. Messi did have an opportunity to convert the penalty but it was not struck with confidence and power. As it was saved by the part-time film director and footballer, Hannes Halldorsson.

Evra explains that both the players lack service from their national teammates but still one manages to shine and other doesn’t necessarily perform in such situations.

“When you saw Cristiano Ronaldo last night (against Spain), it’s down to Cristiano Ronaldo. Today, it was down to Messi and he didn’t perform well. I think the players around him should perform much better but Ronaldo had the same problem last night.

Patrice Evra feels that this is down to the way both the players handle pressure in situations of stress. He believes that the Portuguese footballer was born to play under pressure and shine whereas Messi doesn’t like being in such a challenging scenario.

“I just feel like Ronaldo enjoys the pressure more than Messi. I think Messi just gets frustrated, but Ronaldo just loves it.”

Cristiano Ronaldo converted a penalty and a freekick against one of the best goalkeepers in the world, David de Gea. The interesting fact is that Ronaldo hadn’t converted a free-kick in his last 44 attempts.

Similarly, Lionel Messi has now missed 4 of the last 7 penalties he has taken.

This continues to prove Patrice Evra correct that under the lights Cristiano Ronaldo shows up and manages to perform whereas the certainty from Messi is not there if the team is in a situation of emergency.

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