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Patrice Evra reveals a hilarious reason why anyone should refuse Ronaldo’s invitation for a lunch.

The former Manchester United defender and ex-teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the reason why no one shall accept the invitation of the Portuguese if called upon for a lunch. Also discusses Ronaldo’s obsession with winning. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The French defender recently spoke about his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo on a program with ITV. Patrice Evra and Cristiano Ronaldo shared the dressing room in Manchester United from 2006 to 2009. The 37-year old player has discussed about the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner’s lifestyle and attitude towards life.

Patrice Evra reveals that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t like to lose even in the smallest aspect of the life. The Portuguese forward is obsessed with winning in every little aspect. Evra recalls one such incident involving Rio Ferdinand; a former Manchester United defender, which perfectly summed up the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He is a machine. They were playing table tennis and Rio beat him and we were all screaming. Ronaldo was so upset. Then he sent his cousin to buy a table tennis. He trained for two weeks and came back and beat Rio in front of everyone. That’s Cristiano Ronaldo.” 

There have been several incidents of Cristiano Ronaldo where he has tried to prove himself even in the areas which don’t really count for the public. In his own words, the Real Madrid’s showbiz footballer claimed in 2012 while dating his then-girlfriend Iriana Shayk.  He was asked about his image and perception in the media back then which was more of arrogant and somewhat negative in contrast to his rival Lionel Messi. Cristiano tried to answer why his image portrayed in such a way while discussing his obsession for winning.

“Why? It’s question that I never give the 100% right answer, because sometimes I really don’t know. Maybe I agree, I have bad image on the pitch… because I’m too serious, but if you really know me, if you are my friend, if I leave you inside my house, if you share the day with me, you will know I hate to lose.”

Cristiano in the same interview told that he would even let his girlfriend win in a swimming race because of the way he is obsessed with being the very best of the best.

“I’m in the swimming pool with my girlfriend and sometimes we like to race, sometimes you have to give her a chance to make her happy but I win because I don’t like losing.‘I’m competitive and, sometimes, people interpret that differently; that’s painful for me because I don’t like it but I have to live.”

Years later the scenario is still the same for Cristiano Ronaldo. Patrice Evra revealed further information about the winger that might be helpful for a few lucky ones who are privileged enough to get invited for a lunch by the Real Madrid man. Evra talked about the boundaries of professionalism and discipline Ronaldo pushes in order to keep competing with everyone.

“I will give advice to anybody, when Cristiano invites you at his house for lunch, just say no, not because of the food, because I feel like we’re having a training session over there. Only salad, plain white chicken, water, no juice. This guy is a machine.” 

Though it can be said that everything done by Ronaldo has paid him off. Even now at 33 years of age, Cristiano Ronaldo is defying all the odds by the numbers he has been producing. He became the fastest footballer ever 2 days ago after recording the speed of 38.6 kmph. His calendar stats for 2018 are better than any other player in the world right now; 33 goals with 6 assists in 26 games.

Cristiano just scored his 51st career hattrick against Spain in the opening game for the FIFA World Cup 2018 campaign for Portugal. This just continues to prove the hard work of the footballer which has paid him until now and may continue to do so even further. With the latest heroic performance of Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal have been identified as the dark horses for the competition and the reigning European champions may as well go further to attain the title of World Champions.

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