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Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli gives yet another disaster-class post-match conference.

The Argentina NT coach Jorge Sampaoli continues to disrupt the dressing room after yet another failure in the second FIFA World Cup 2018 game against Croatia who bashed the South-American team by 3-0.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli failed to deliver once again with his side and now seems to be repeating the mistakes made in the past.

In his post-match conference after the 3-0 humiliation, his side suffered against Croatia, the Argentine coach kept on crucifying the team in order to protect his showbiz footballer Lionel Messi. He admitted that he himself is to the blame along with the other players who couldn’t step up to the level of Barcelona man.

“I am responsible for making the decisions. I did not read the game well. We have not found the best team to accompany Messi.”

Sampaoli has reduced a passionate football-loving country with enormous history to a team dependent on the outcomes of other fixtures in order to qualify into the round of 16. He reckons this very well and also apologized to the fans for such a campaign.

“I’m very sorry to all the Argentina fans who made a big effort just to come to Russia. I was excited as much as the fans were. I tried my best to form a team.”

The arch-rival of Lionel Messi; Cristiano Ronaldo continues to shine in the tournament by leading the golden boot race and being applauded universally for helping his team against Spain by scoring a hat-trick and getting a win against Morocco. Portugal have scored 4 goals in the World Cup so far, all of them have come from their captain Cristiano Ronaldo, making it 100 percent of the contribution.

This indeed has put pressure on Lionel Messi to perform but he hasn’t been able to make a mark yet. Jorge Sampaoli believes that this is due to the difference between the squad of the two teams. Yet again Sampaoli criticised his players publicly and has degraded them in ongoing FIFA World Cup, just days before when his side will play against Nigeria which is a must-win game if they wish to avoid an early flight back home.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player and he’s playing well with his team. He’s having some great moments. However, you can’t compare. Ronaldo has the team to help him. Lionel Messi doesn’t. I take full responsibility for this.”

Lionel Messi, the player whose fans have hyped him for not being dependent on teammates and portrayed him as a player who can carry the team on his own without the help of a system like that of Barcelona, has yet again failed to impress. The Argentine coach believes this is due to the lack of service he got from the teammates and the lines blocked by Croatia.

“We tried to get the ball to Messi, but our opponents were doing everything they could to stop that, which is why the ball barely got to him.”

It is shocking that Sampaoli hadn’t taken the fact into consideration that the opponents will be trying to intercept every ball given to their star player.

Argentina now rely on the performances of Iceland in the next two games, if they manage to win the both it would be the end of the road for the South-American team. If somehow Iceland do not win and Argentina beats Nigeria then the Sampaoli’s men will advance into the next round along with Croatia.

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