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Former Barcelona player completely destroys Lionel Messi for his attitude.

Ex Barcelona and French midfielder has come out to lash Lionel Messi for the poor attitude he shows with Argentina NT. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

Emmanuel Petit slams Lionel Messi for the lack of motivation with Argentina. He has gone as far as asking Messi to be ashamed of himself after Croatia thrashed Argentina 3-0 on the second match day of FIFA World Cup 2018.

While speaking to Paddy Power, the former Barcelona and Chelsea midfielder Emmanuel Petit did not hold back his criticism for the 5 time Ballon d’Or winner especially for the way he stood still inside the box for the third goal of Croatia scored by Rakitic.

“Excuse my language, but Argentina look s***. It was shameful to watch them.”

Petit continued with his criticism and claimed that Messi does not encourage or motivate the team and shows poor body language.

“To see Messi walking with his head down, he should be ashamed. I think Messi should wake up a bit more because when things don’t go well for him, he’s always down on the pitch, he shows no reaction.”

Petit believes that Messi performs very well when the situation is comfortable and the performance of the fellow teammates is up to the mark, but when things get tough and the pressure builds; Messi tends to underperform.

“He needs to wake up! When things go well with Barcelona he’s a terrific player. We’ve seen it in the Champions League, though, when things don’t go well, he can disappear on the pitch. He’s not there anymore. He’s not running, he’s walking. He’s not concerned about the ball. Come on.”

Messi’s reaction to the third goal of Croatia scored by Rakitc:

Messi did not react at all to any of the goals as he hanged his head down after every goal and started walking back to his position all alone without speaking a single word or making any gesture to his teammates. In the third goal by Rakitic, Messi can be seen standing all alone inside the box as he saw his Barcelona team-mate put the ball in back of the net.

“The whole team’s body language was so poor, no confidence, no trust between each other. The way they looked, I cannot see Argentina qualifying now.”

Messi’s reaction to the first goal of Croatia scored by Rebic:


Argentina now rely on a thin ice for qualifying into the next round. The South American side has to win against Nigeria in the last group stage game. Even a draw would be enough to eliminate them. Also, Argentina relies on the outcome of Iceland vs Croatia, if Iceland beat Croatia with a significant goal difference then Argentina’s win against Nigeria may not be sufficient enough.

This could be the second time since 1982 that Argentina’s FIFA World Cup campaign finishes early in the group stage alone. Previously they were stopped at the group stage in 1958, 1962, 1974*,1982*, and 2002.

(*second group stage)

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