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Cristiano Ronaldo talks about his future and answers if it was his last World Cup.

The Portuguese captain, Cristiano Ronaldo could not carry his team any further than the round of 16 as Uruguay advance into the quarterfinals of FIFA World Cup 2018 by recording a 2-1 victory over the European Champions.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The football yet again reminded everyone that it is a team sport and maybe matches can be won with individual brilliance but not tournaments. Cristiano Ronaldo who opened the World Cup campaign with a hattrick against former World Champions Spain, could not lead his team further than the round of 16. This came just after the Argentina side led by Lionel Messi couldn’t manage to get past the French NT. Hence, meaning Uruguay will face France in the quarterfinals.

In the post-match interview, Cristiano Ronaldo congratulated the Uruguayan side for their efforts but also rightly believes that Portugal left their soul on the pitch by playing the best they could.

“We must congratulate Uruguay because they are the national team that are in the quarter-finals. I think we played a good game and maybe we deserved more, but in football the ones that score the most goals win and they scored two, so congratulations.”

The 33-year-old captain is proud of the performance his side had given. Cristiano has played in 4 FIFA World Cups now and claims from his first-hand experience that the squad is improving for good.

“We leave with our heads held high. As the captain of Portugal, I know how hard we have worked and we must be proud of the team.”

The 5-time Ballon d’Or winner also thanked the hosts for a wonderful atmosphere in at the World Cup and claims he takes away the good memories along with him, though he referred to the team in a third person which may be worrying for the Portuguese fans as this just might have been the last World Cup of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“And I also want to congratulate the organizers of this World Cup, it has been fantastic in every way; the organization, the security, the atmosphere is perfect and it must be said. We go with our heads held high and we are sure that this team will continue to win things.”

This certainly has raised questions whether the current Real Madrid man will continue to feature for his national side or will he hang his boots. Though this might not be the right time for him to answer the questions about future due to the overwhelming atmosphere.

“It’s not the time to talk about the future, when it comes to the players and coach, this team will continue to be one of the best in the world, with quality players, a young group, united. I am confident and happy because this team will always fight with all their strength.”

Cristiano Ronaldo who claimed he will play in the top-flight of football until 40 years of age, will be turning 37 when he would enter the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and many believe and hope that the showbiz footballer will at least be a part of the Portuguese squad which will travel to the Arabian nation.

The current coach of Portugal, Fernando Santos also expressed his views on Cristiano Ronaldo and believes he will be with the team in the UEFA Nations League which will be played in September of this year.

“Cristiano still has a lot to give to football. There is a tournament in September and we hope Cristiano will be with us to help the players grow.”

The FIFA World Cup 2018  matches for tonight (Round of 16) are as follows:

Spain vs Russia (15:00 CET)

Croatia vs Denmark (19:00 CET)

All the matches will be telecasted live all around the world via the official broadcasting partners of FIFA.

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