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Sergio Ramos breaks down in the post match interview as he speaks his heart out.

Spanish NT captain Sergio Ramos expresses concern over the end of a generation as the former World Champions are shown early exit by the hosts of FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The Real Madrid and Spanish NT captain Sergio Ramos became emotional and teary-eyed as Russia stops the mighty nation from advancing into the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Sergio Ramos believed his team had given everything on the pitch and there was nothing more that could be done to get a victory. Spain had recorded 1029 successful passes in the game which is unprecedented in the history of the FIFA World Cup. The central-defender himself had 174 successful passes out of 184 attempts making it for the 95 percent of accuracy.

“It was a big blow as always when you go out of a World Cup, very tough, the team did all it could and we wanted to show what we could do.” 

Ramos further claimed that there was only one way the Russians could beat Spain and that was on penalties. The miss of Koke and Aspas cost Spain the much-anticipated spot in the round of 8.

“You can’t say anymore, we showed character and balls. They took us to penalties which was the only way that they caused danger and that is what happened.”

Sergio Ramos believes that penalties don’t necessarily favor the better team but is a lottery where it comes down to chance and luck. Even though the Spaniards couldn’t qualify, they will travel home with their heads held high.

“Penalties are a lottery and we lost but I am proud as a captain when we lost we feel more Spanish than ever.”

Following the early exit from the World Cup, the much-loved footballer Andres Iniesta announced his retirement from the national side and he has already left his boyhood club FC Barcelona at the end of the season last season.

Sergio Ramos who is now 32-years-old expressed his concern over the potential end of a generation which helped Spain win the only World Cup in their history which was in 2010 South Africa.

“We hope that this is not now the end of a generation, there is a team that can keep going now. Hopefully, we can win big tournaments again and that people do it with pride for wearing this shirt.”

The Spanish side will look forward to redeeming themselves in upcoming UEFA Nations League in September and also the Euro 2020. Currently, Russia are set to face Croatia in the round of 8, who also advanced on penalties after beating Denmark.

The fixtures for tonight are as follows:

Brazil vs Mexico (15:00 CET)

Belgium vs Japan (19:00 CET)

Both the matches will be telecasted all over the globe via the official broadcasting partners of FIFA.

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