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Italian Big-Brother contestant angers football fans as she wishes Cristiano Ronaldo to get injured.

A contestant from the Italian reality TV program ‘Big Brother’ has been in limelight for her negative and vicious comments regarding the latest signing of Juventus FC; Cristiano Ronaldo.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The Italian media and football fans have been in a state of euphoria as the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was completed by Juventus F.C. Even the fans of rival clubs such as Torino, Inter Milan, AC Milan, etc. were happy that a big name is coming to Serie A which would enhance the league and would also revive it from the brink of existential crisis. Some of the Italian journalists have gone as far with the praise of the deal that they termed it as the single best thing to happen to Italian football in the whole of the past decade.

Whereas the passionate country known for its love for the game couldn’t manage to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018, has now got a unified reason to cheer about its revival and the huge benefits it would bring to the game and country. The 5-time Balón d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo is the one whose jersey sales of first three months had covered for the transfer fee Real Madrid paid Manchester United in 2009. The same is expected to be replicated as Juventus are set to reveal their new number 7 on 30th July 2018.

Though not all the Italians are happy with the arrival of a global sporting icon. After the protest of Fiat workers, now another voice has come into the limelight but this one is more ill-willed. Daniela Martani, who is a famous contestant on the reality TV show Big Brother has stirred a controversy by her remarks aimed at the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It is shameful that a football player earns so much money. With the salary of Cristiano Ronaldo, we could save all the animals in the world. I hope that Cristiano will be injured in his first game, he could never spend all the money he earns in his whole life… nor his children.”

Though Cristiano Ronaldo has been donating a lot of money to charity and has been directly and indirectly generated thousands of jobs with his brand itself. Some of the people remain unhappy by the number of figures he is making.

Daniela Martani when she attended the premiere of “The Tourist” in 2010.

Daniela Martani, who earlier criticised the salary of Ronaldo on the TV show now took on the social media to target the Italian football fans as well in her rant. She is an animal rights activist and also a perfomer, singer and a DJ.

“Before you start offending and insulting: the one about Cristiano Ronaldo was a joke made with the conductors. I stay on the potion That makes me disgusted the idea that a single person can earn all that money for a game when millions of people are dying of hunger, but woe to kick the Italians, they slaughter for a game and never for social injustice.”

She posted about it a several times and made it clear that she is definitely not in support of the transfer. Even though Juventus gained 1.5 million followers on social media within 24 hours of the official announcement. Even the stocks of Juventus have jumped by 25 percent since last week after the rumors started to link Ronaldo and later after the official announcement it touched the epitome of 0.90 euros. Earlier it was around 0.65 euros.

Daniela Martani on her Instagram account.

Even though Ronaldo has won 5 UEFA Champions League titles, 5 Balón d’Ors, 2 La Liga titles, 4 European Golden Boots, 1 Euro title, 4 FIFA Club World Cup titles, 4 UEFA Best Player in Europe awards, 3 English Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup, 2 English League cups, 2 Copa Del Rey titles, 2 Spanish Super Cup titles, 3 UEFA Super Cup titles, 1 Portuguese Super Cup, 2 Community Shield titles, 16 times the top scorer of various leagues. 3 Pichichi Awards, 2 Premier League player of the year awards, 2 FIFA The Best Awards, 1 FIFA The World Player of the year, 1 Puskas Award, 11 consecutive times part of the FIFA Pro World XI, some people might have a point about the wages earned by the player.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his individual awards.

Juventus since 2006 have scored 102 goals in UEFA Champions League. Whereas Cristiano Ronaldo himself has scored 119 in the same period. Also, its been 22 years since the Turin based club lifted the trophy, whereas Cristiano Ronaldo has won it 4 times in the last 5 years. Surprisingly Cristiano Ronaldo has won 5 UEFA Champions League titles which are more than the double of Juventus who have won only 2. Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid as their highest goal scorer with 451 goals in 438 games.

These figures do portray the reasons why the Italian club were ready to pay a mere 105 million euros to Real Madrid for the transfer to take place. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently the highest goalscorer in the world among active players with 658 goals and 208 assists in 915 appearances, would be earning 30 million euros net in a year after all the taxes. The transfer fee now fares much less compared to 222 million euros PSG paid for Neymar, and 166 euros for Mbappe. Other players such as Dembele and Coutinho have also been more expensive who were bought by Barcelona for 135.5 million euros and 142 million euros respectively. The wages of Cristiano Ronaldo are still less than Messi who earns 40 million euros net per year and Neymar who earns 36.8 million euros net per year.



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