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James Rodríguez has won the heart of Madridistas yet again.

The Real Madrid player on loan to Bayern Munchen has spoken about his parent club and his ex-teammates which would not be much appreciated by the fans of the Bavarian club. 

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The 27-year-old former Puskas award winner James Rodriguez recently interacted with the host of Colombia’s TV programme The Suso Show in his own house as he touched the various topics of his fan’s interest.

The Colombian footballer has been reported in past for having a difference of opinion with his childhood idol and coach Zinedine Zidane, under whom he couldn’t find much of playing time which resulted in the departure of the number 10. James Rodriguez laughed off after being asked if that was an issue, in reality. He rather claimed to be fond of his time in Madrid where he has produced the best stats to date.

“Real Madrid was the club where I scored the most goals, 32 with Porto and 36 in Madrid that isn’t easy, and with 42 assists too.”

James Rodriguez has a home theatre in his house which consists of posters of his childhood fiction hero; Harry Potter, the playmaker expressed his love for the character and claimed it was his dream to have the movie’s posters.

“Since I was 10 years old, I have been a fan of Harry Potter and I always thought that if I had my own little cinema then I’d put pictures of the film up.”

James Rodriguez believes in leading a life in somewhat a lowkey. He claims he has not visited a shopping mall for nearly a decade and likes to spend more time with his family which consists of his girlfriend and his 5-year-old daughter.

“I haven’t been to a shopping center in seven years. It is nice to feel the affection but sometimes we (footballers) would also like to be able to leave the house quietly and be with our girlfriend for a while.”

James further talked about his food preferences and his employees at home admitted that the footballer does help them in barbecue preparations every now and then. Paisa platter is the favorite dish of James which he relishes whenever he returns home.

Colombia in the FIFA World Cup 2018 campaign had fallen short against England in the round of 16 where the South American side lost 3-4 on penalties. James was injured for that fixture and couldn’t make it to the squad list. He feels that his side did well and the game was affected due to poor decisions of the referee.

“When they are such important games, a lot of things go through your head but we played a good game and competed well and made it difficult. What happened, happened but I couldn’t stand after that injury so it was very hard for me to sit and watch. I also think the referee was quite bad, although we can’t use that as can excuse because we went out on penalties which was luck.”

James plays in a German club but he isn’t a fluent speaker of the language. Though 9 of his teammates at Bayern Munchen speak Spanish and the others converse with him in phrases of English.

“Every day, I understand a little less German, that’s f****d up.”

The interview was winded up after the round of rapid-fire question and answers which would be loved by the Madrid fans but maybe not so by the Bayern fans.

Best match? “Against Uruguay in the World Cup in Brazil.” (Where he scored THAT Puskas winning volley)

The best forward to play alongside? “Radamel Falcao and Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The best title? “Those with Real Madrid.” (2 Champions League titles, 1 LaLiga, 1 Club World Cup.)

Finally, James Rodriguez addressed the rumors about his future. He is currently linked with a potential return to his parent club, Real Madrid.

“So far, I’m still here (Bayern Munchen) and I’ve had a spectacular first season so I’m very happy there and I feel like the club and the fans love me very much.” 

James Rodriguez claimed that he has now fully recovered from his injury which he picked up during the FIFA World Cup 2018. He also preferred to not to comment on whether the current Colombia NT coach Jose Pekerman, should continue or not.

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