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Toni Kroos slams Mesut Özil over remarks of alleged racism in the German NT.

The German midfielder spoke in favor of his former national teammate but has rubbished the alleged remarks of racism within the team.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The current Real Madrid player Toni Kroos has broken his silence over his former teammate Mesut Özil’s comments regarding the prevalence of ill practices within the dressing room and the management.

Mesut Özil recently used social media for his 4-page long letter to address the numerous issues which prompted him to take an early retirement from the national side. Mesut accused the German media, fans, and the DFB management, for racist behavior and showing lack of respect for his Turkish background.

Toni Kroos in a recent conversation with Bild claimed that he is indeed saddened for the manner in which Mesut retired.

“Basically, Mesut is a deserved national player and would have deserved a better exit as a footballer. I have played with Mesut for many years and know that he is a nice guy.”

Mesut was criticised for taking a picture with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and later on not clarifying his stand. This amounted to an aggregated level of criticism after the shocking World Cup exit for Germany where most of the blame was given to the Arsenal player. Mesut later in his resignation letter claimed that the only reason he posed for the picture with the conflicted personality was due to the chair he represented, which is the President of Turkey.

This was not taken well by fans and was countered with the logic that people in earlier times would have photographed themselves with Hitler by giving the same explanation of not posing with the person but the position s/he may hold. Toni Kroos came to rescue for his former teammate in such a scenario claiming that the letter of Mesut Özil is clear and well addressed compared to the response it received.

“The way of his retirement was not okay. The proportion that is well and properly addressed in his statement is unfortunately overshadowed by the much higher proportion of nonsense.”

Toni Kroos also slammed the claims of Mesut that racism is prevalent inside the dressing room, which is indeed shared by a diverse number of players who represent Germany but have distinct backgrounds. Kroos continued to claim that he earlier missed the chance to explain his actions which landed him in hot waters and also said that the criticism for the World Cup exit was shared by every player equally.

“I think that he knows that racism does not exist within the national team and the DFB. On the contrary, we are always committed to diversity and integration. Mesut was a good example, as many of our fellow players did. Mesut was criticized for the photo — and rightly so. And he missed the chance to explain himself. Nevertheless, he was absolutely supported by the athletic leadership and the team. Later he was — as we others also — criticised for the performance at the World Cup. The type of criticism was certainly not always at a good level – but then you have to go through as a player.”

Mesut Özil and Toni Kroos were key players for Germany in the 2014 World Cup where they helped their national side lift the trophy for the 4th time in their history which is tied by Italy and only second to the record number of 5 by Brazil.

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