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Legal action melodrama: Real Madrid report Inter Milan who further report LaLiga President Javier Tebas.

The European football has been turned into a stir as the Serie A transfer window closes for arrivals. 

Published By: Nirbhay Singh

The cycle of legal actions took place due to the Croatian midfielder Luka Modric who now arguably the second most prized possession of LaLiga after Leonel Messi. Real Madrid at no cost had been willing to let go of Luka Modric but Inter Milan tried to avail the services of the Croatian anyhow which prompted for LaLiga President Javier Tebas to step in and make a controversial comment which has now landed him in the hot waters.

The Spanish club Real Madrid C.F. recently were left with a void of huge magnitude after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. This wouldn’t be their ideal time to start negotiating departures of their other decorated players within the star-studded squad. Though Inter Milan tried their best to pursue Luka Modric for forcing an exit from the club so that they could avail his services. The rumors from Italy had it that Luka Modric would have joined Inter Milan for 4 years and later would be offered with an opportunity to play in the Chinese league for the club named Jiangsu Suning, whose owners also hold the majority of the shares of Inter Milan.

This was seen as unethical by Real Madrid whose President Florentino Perez had already responded on record that the player is not for sale and if any club wishes to see him wearing another jersey than that of Real Madrid then the release clause of 750 million euros will have to be paid by the player to leave the current European Champions. This wasn’t sufficient for Inter Milan who tried to talk directly with Luka Modric prompting him to ask for a leave and violating the rule of not negotiating through the club.

On Friday the Serie A transfer window closed which means no Italian club can sign any player. This was seen as an opportunity by Real Madrid to formally report the unethical behavior of Inter Milan to FIFA for not adhering to the rules of transfers and making an unauthorized move for Luka Modric.

LaLiga President Javier Tebas was also unhappy with the foreign clubs trying to persuade LaLiga players in leaving the league. He accused the clubs Juventus, PSG, Manchester City, and Inter Milan for inflating the market and also using unethical methods to sign the players. In a recent interaction with Australian news outlet ABC, Tebas made the following remarks.

“We cannot compete with clubs like PSG or Inter that cheat. We will have to ask ourselves why there are clubs that are inflating the market by buying players… Things happen that should not happen. I mean PSG, but also Juventus with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo or these offers from Inter Milan, which has no money to sign players and then offers Modric a lot of money which it is going to get from I don’t know where.”

Tebas continued on the mater of alleging the clubs for cheating as he casts doubt over Juventus of how they dealt with Cristiano Ronaldo but remains adamant about the mischief of Inter Milan and PSG.

“At Juve, I don’t know, we’ll have to see how the operation (with Ronaldo) turns out in the end. But Inter’s offer to Modric was cheating, the issue of PSG with Neymar was cheating.”

This was not welcomed by the Italian club which formally lodged a complaint to FIFA against Javier Tebas for making such remarks about their club. Inter Milan also denied that they ever approached Luka Modric which is their base of the defense against Real Madrid’s complaint and for the complaint they lodged against Javier Tebas.

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