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James Rodriguez’s gesture wins the heart of his former club.

James Rodriguez has a reputation of being respectful to his former clubs. Once again he has produced a moment of pride for his previous side.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

The Colombian international who has played formerly for clubs like FC Porto, AS Monaco and Real Madrid CF has been known as a humble person. On many occasions the current Bayern Munchen number 11 has paid respect to his previous clubs. One of the recent examples is last season’s Champions League fixture against Real Madrid where he did not celebrate his goal.

In the same game, he played the ball out of the field when he saw his former teammate Marco Asensio lying injured on the field. It was the 83rd minute of the 2-2 draw where Bayern needed a goal to qualify for the finals, James Rodriguez refused to take advantage of a ‘man down’ against his parent club.

Last night a similar instance took place even though James wasn’t playing against any of his former clubs. The 27-year-old played against Benfica as Bayern Munchen won 2-0 in the UEFA Champions League group tie. In the 78th minute of the game, James was subbed off for Leon Goretzka. As the fixture was played in the home stadium of Benfica: Estadio da Luz, James was booed while he walked off the pitch.

The boos, however, were not aimed at him only for the assist he provided for the second goal of Bayern which was scored by Renato Sanchez. But also because of the fact that James played for the arch-rivals of Benfica back in the day. James scored 25 goals in 63 appearances for FC Porto. The Portuguese league is known for nurturing promising talent and the rivalries amongst the clubs.

James Rodriguez was quick to respond to all the Benfica fans who booed him. In a complacent manner, he gestured the number 5 with his right hand and flashed it several times to give the subliminal message. It was in reference to the 8-year-old match between FC Porto and Benfica. The game played in 2010 was recorded by FC Porto schooling Benfica in a 5-0 victory.

This wasn’t left unnoticed by the fans all over social media who went on to debate more about the former fixtures of the clubs making the rivalry even more fierce.

James is currently on loan at Bayern Munchen and Real Madrid are the parent club of his. There have been reports that due to lack of playing time he might return to Spain next year when his loan deal expires.

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