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GUEST COLUMN: Florentino Perez is getting an unfair treatment by the fans.

OPINION: Is Florentino Perez really to be blamed for lack of reinforcements this season?

Written By: Akshay Daga
To everybody collectively hating on Florentino Perez and the Real Madrid board, I get it. I get the frustration. They sold our club’s best ever goalscorer and arguably the best player ever, without bringing in replacement. And going by Ronaldo’s recent interviews, he said that Perez thought Cristiano of just another marketing tool.

We can all agree that this is kind of thing Perez would do. But think about it for a moment, just to get another perspective.
I am still saying that the board messed up a big time. But if you think that the situation is just that, you’ve got to reconsider the facts.

  • Problem number 1: signing the exact replacement.
Did he sell Ronaldo without any replacement? Yes.

First of all, Ronaldo left on his own. He asked the club to let him leave. Perez didn’t sell him willingly. Yes, it was due to the wrongdoings of Perez if we go solely by the claim of Cristiano himself. Thus, we are nobody to judge the whole situation and make an analysis about what goes on behind the closed doors.

However, about signing the replacement. Do you really think it’s easy to ‘replace’ the mammoth who is Cristiano Ronaldo? What were the options? Harry Kane publicly acknowledged that he was happy at Tottenham and didn’t want to leave. Getting Neymar and Mbappe out of Nasser’s claws is a big task. Although Neymar deal seemed a bit out of reach, Mbappe one was quite possible. It’s his dream club, he could have had the chance to play with his idol and be the star he was destined to. Though, he saw that it’s tough to replace Benzema in the squad (even with his abysmal performances) given it was a world cup year. This year, after Cristiano left, and the money he’s making at PSG, I don’t think there is more lucrative offer Real Madrid has for Mbappe.

These 3 were our genuine goalscoring options. Some fans even wanted Hazard, but since Isco was already there with us, it might be tough to field two dribbling central attacking midfielders with a similar style of play. Plus the club thought it might hinder Asensio rise.

What else were our options? Who would have ‘replaced’ Cristiano Ronaldo?

  • Problem number 2: squad depth and strength of the bench.
The fanbase has the audacity to complain about bench by comparing it to our campaign in 16/17 season where we won the double consisting of LaLiga and Champions League. Let me refresh your memories. You guys say we had Morata, James, Mariano, Kovacic, Pepe, Danilo as a B team.

Don’t you all see? They left because they weren’t getting enough game time. You can’t keep talented players on the bench every time, every season. They will all leave looking for more minutes. This season we have Vallejo, Ceballos, Valverde, Odriozola, Reguilon, and Llorente. When did Llorente cost us a match as everybody criticizes him? He barely plays. Maybe he can’t be a starter but he can be a backup option. They are all very talented players and that’s why they are here. It’s not their fault that they aren’t given the chances and are expected to perform once or twice a year in Copa Del Rey or the 5-10 minutes which they get when subbed in.

It’s been a habit of Real Madrid. They don’t know how to bench players. Everybody on the team has been absolutely dreadful this season and we still blame it on Perez and Lopetegui.
Lopetegui committed some mistakes. For example, not starting Odriozola vs Barcelona. However, the reason we are ‘crisis’ right now is that of poor performances of players and players only. And I mean every one of them. ALL of them. Squad overhaul, galactico signings may or may not change things.

The situation we are in is because of numerous reasons. And this was bound to happen. As a Real Madrid fan, I have seen tough times before and I am not scared to live through it even now. As before, this too shall pass. Cause it’s Real Madrid, we always rise from the ashes of our own ruins.

(PS. I only wrote this to share my point of view with people who are only blaming Perez. I wanted to give my two cents on it about problems which are much deeper. I may have got things wrong and I may have missed out on a lot of other stuff. This was just my thought and I wanted to share my optimistic views with you all.)

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