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GUEST COLUMN: Is Arthur really ‘The Brazilian Xavi’?

OPINION: Recent performances of Arthur Melo in the famous Blaugrana shirt.

Written By: Debjit Ghoshal

The golden era of Barcelona will always be regarded as the era in which their holy trinity Xavi, Iniesta & Busquets dominated the midfield as no others can ever think of. Back in those days Barcelona barely lost the position of the ball and made almost impossible for the opposition players to have any kind of influence on the game.

Since the departure of Xavi, the void created in the midfield had affected Barcelona immensely. It seemed like the glory days of Barcelona has gone, the beautiful tiki-taka cannot be seen anymore and they became too much dependent on their talisman.

After three years and millions of bucks, it seems like Barcelona have found the missing link they have been searching for over the years in the form of Arthur Melo, ‘The Brazilian Xavi’ as they are calling him in Spain now. This is the maximum praise he can earn after only 2 months with the Catalan side. Since his outstanding performance in the Wembley Stadium against Tottenham Hotspurs he has solved a lot of issues; because of him, Coutinho can play in his favorite position, Messi can focus more on the attacking third, the workload of Rakitic is reduced and Busquets has found a great partner to dominate the midfield.

The way Arthur has linked up with Rakitic and Busquets in such a short time is very much admired and his positioning sense in the midfield along with controlling the tempo of the game has been outstanding. His technical ability to find a pass in short spaces has been magnificent and his ever availability in the midfield has helped Barcelona to dominate the game. The way he dominated against arguably against the best midfield trio in the world is unimaginable.

Though It is still early days for him the signs are very much auspicious.

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