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Antonio Conte replies to Sergio Ramos in a typical Italian manner, also hints about his future.

The Italian coach who was not endorsed by the Real Madrid captain for the job of the manager has now finally responded.  

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

While interacting with Rai Sport, the former Juventus and Chelsea boss addressed the rumors linking him to Real Madrid job. Antonio Conte also responded to Sergio Ramos who earlier had subliminally hinted towards his distrust in the Italian coach regarding his dressing room breakouts due to ego related issues.

“Respect is earned, not imposed, there are coaches with whom we’ve won titles and a coach’s ability to manage the dressing room is more important than their knowledge”.

To this comment of Ramos, Antonio Conte replied in is own way by talking about education and respect from the player’s side as well. Hence, somewhere throwing light upon his version of what happened in Chelsea during his time.

“When a coach comes to a team should bring education and respect, which is also expected from the players. When this fails, the problems begin”.

Conte was linked to the Real Madrid job until Santiago Solari, who was initially intended to be the interim relief coach from Castilla (youth side of Real Madrid) was made the official coach of the first team for rest of the season. However, the Italian coach again sparked the rumors by hinting towards a move in the next season.

“Italian technicians have a great work culture and when you enter a new environment you can not change everything, you have to do it very little by little. For a technician at my level it’s better to wait until June and not take a train to the race, I’ll wait for next season”.

Conte, however, did not entirely discard the demand of Sergio Ramos. He metaphorically pitched his idea of how he would try to manage the dressing room in future when given a chance.

“Each coach should be a good tailor and adapt their beliefs to the human material at their disposal”.

As for now, it seems all set for Los Blancos to train under the orders of Santiago Solari. A coach who is seen by the fans as reminiscent to his former teammate and a legend of the club and the sport as a whole, Zinedine Zidane. Though in football things change very swiftly.



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