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GUEST COLUMN: Refereeing mistakes in the contemporary era football and VAR.

Behavior and decision of referees shall be monitored more strictly with severe repercussions. 

Written By: Debjit Ghoshal
The spotlight of World football is once again fully focused on the Referees and their standards, thanks to some incident that occurred in the last Champions League matchday.
The first incident which should be enlightened properly has occurred in the Group F match between Manchester City and Shakhtar Donetsk at the Etihad stadium. Where the Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai, controversially pointed to the spot after Raheem Sterling stumbled over the ground by kicking the floor when the assistant referee behind the goal was barely two meters away from the incident. When asked about the incident one of the regular starters of the Three Lions did apologize but to be fair with him he didn’t appeal for the penalty. In this day and age, where the footballers aren’t paid for their honesty who would have told the referee that it wasn’t a penalty. I sincerely doubt. Thus, it is really hard to make a case against him. Talking about the incident, Pep Guardiola, the two-time champions league winner as a coach responded:
“Yes, Raheem could have told the referee but Milner should have done the same by saying yes it was a handball in the last years Champions League semifinal in the 44th minute”.
The other incident which has drawn the attention was from a statement which Neymar, the PSG forward, gave after the 1-1 draw against Napoli in Italy. He alleged the referee of directing some disrespectful words towards him. He confessed to the press:
“The referee told me something he should not have. I do not want to repeat what he said to me. However, somebody high up should do something. He cannot be as disrespectful as he was towards me”. 
If what Neymar is saying is true then the referee should be punished because as a referee you can not say any disrespectful word to anyone. Yes, some people will argue by saying players do the same week in week out but here is the point, saying disrespectful words to someone on the pitch is an offense and if a player is doing that he should be punished but if a referee is doing the same who is there to punish him?
So this is high time for UEFA to look into this things more closely and more importantly, referees need help because there are thousands of things happening in the field and it is really difficult for a referee to make right decisions all the time in a fraction of seconds. VAR has made a bold entrance into the conversation of helping a referee out though it is still debatable but surely a helping tool which UEFA could and should use.

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