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Valdano comes to rescue of Ramos and explains the Spaniard’s mentality in the perfect sentence.

The former Real Madrid man Jorge Valdano has the back of Sergio Ramos in the times of criticism as he uses the best combination of words ever to describe the Spaniard. 

Published By: Nirbhay Singh

In his column published in El Pais, Jorge Valdano expressed his love and admiration towards the current Real Madrid and Span NT captain, Sergio Ramos. The Argentine chose the perfect combination of words to describe the Spaniard footballer.

The 32-year-old Sergio Ramos has recently been targetted by the players of Liverpool. Likes of Dejan Lovren and Virgil Van Dijk have criticized Ramos’ way of playing and defending.

Lovren claimed himself to be a better defender than Ramos himself. Whereas, Van Dijk termed Raphael Varane the teammate of Sergio Ramos as the better defender. The bitter attitude between the players of two clubs has been ongoing ever since the UEFA Champions League final in Kiev. The English fans believe that the former World Cup winner intentionally injured the star player of Liverpool, Mohammed Salah.

Though the opinion of writing Sergio Ramos off is very rare. Likes of Paolo Maldini, Chiellini, and Bonucci have hailed him the best defender in the world. Maldini who is considered the all-time greatest ever defender in the history of the sport chose some strong words to shower praise on Sergio Ramos. This was in 2009 when Maldini retired from football and chose the heir to his throne.

“My heir will be Sergio Ramos. He is young and has everything to become my heir. He is quick, powerful and has technique. He is young and has plenty of time ahead of him. He is part of a great club in Real Madrid. My advice to him will be to play in the middle of the defense as I did. The secret is to train hard.”

Hence, it sounds a bit obnoxious when a player like Sergio Ramos is not only criticized but also his legacy is jeopardized by a player like Lovren who has yet to win a professional trophy in his career. Whereas, Sergio Ramos has won every possible trophy in his career with club and country.

Sergio Ramos was quick to get people defending his legacy. his teammates such as Dani Ceballos and Lucas Vazquez came to the rescue of their captain but it was Jorge Valdano, the ex-Real Madrid man, who stole the show with his choice of words to defend Sergio Ramos and put his leadership mentality into a combination of words, just as beautiful as the skill of the defender himself.

“Sergio Ramos enters the dressing room as if Real Madrid belonged to him and onto the field as if he invented football. When the other players hide, he challenges the world with a Panenka penalty.”

This may have been the best ever introductory sentence for Sergio Ramos ever which defines him perfectly. Jorge Valdano also wrote about a couple of more issues in his column. Such as the different ideologies of football for which he explained by using the examples of Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho.

“Mourinho needs to win to be right and prove himself but Guardiola is different. He needs to win and play very well when he does so. It is a question of expectations.”

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