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Jorge Valdano suggests a tried and tested training regime for Vinicius Jr which he earlier tried on Raúl.

The former Real Madrid coach who developed a youngster called Raúl Gonzalez now has a similar formula for Vinicius Jr. 

Published By: Nirbhay Singh

The Real Madrid side has been able to find a space for a few teenagers in its first team even after a tough competition from the best players in the world. Raúl Gonzalez was one such wonder kid who later turned out to be one of the greatest all-time players of the club. He was coached by Jorge Valdano in the early 1990s as the teenager was the successor of the great Emilio Butrageuno.

After several years and the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid squad has found a new excitement. The wonder kid from Brazil named Vinicius Jr has been running riots on the field and one of his best ever performances came in the El Clasico on Wednesday. Though his side couldn’t register a win against arch-rivals FC Barcelona. Vinicius Jr had impressed the whole world with his ability to create chances and cruised past world-class defenders like a hot knife cuts the butter.

The performance of Vinicius Jr was applauded not only by the fans of Real Madrid but also from the rivals. However, his lack of clinical touch in the final third was also critiqued. The 18-year-old had 6 shot attempts at the goal but none of them could find the back of the net. For the very same reason, the former Real Madrid coach Jorge Valdano has suggested a treatment which he earlier used for Raúl when he was in the making of a legend.

“When Raúl was at the stage of his career that Vinicius finds himself at right now, we had him working like crazy, all day long, on improving his finishing. The ability to find the net is of course something you can develop on the training ground, and Vinicius will do that and will improve. He just needs to learn to take his time and lift his head up.”

Valdano also went ahead and analyzed why Real Madrid are unable to score goals even after dominating the game and creating chances. He believes the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo is also a contributing factor for the lack of goals as the team lacks a presence in the final third to finish off the chances.

 “When they had a guy in their team who had such a knack for putting the ball away, Madrid were characterised by how clinical they were in front of goal, but he’s no longer there. Barça have a superstar in their ranks and Madrid don’t anymore; Cristiano leaving has had a crucial effect.”

As exciting the Vinicius project may sound and seem at the moment. Valdano believes that the youngster isn’t yet ready to assume that big of a role and responsibility as that which was handled by his predecessor who used to run down the same left wing for the past 9 years.

“Without Ronaldo, Madrid find it much harder to come through games that they don’t deserve to win. Madrid’s problem is that when they reach the danger area, they’re in the hands of a young lad who’s very good, but who isn’t yet the finished article.”

It is to be seen how Real Madrid will solve their problems as they face FC Barcelona yet again on Saturday for the LaLiga match in Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. The kick-off is scheduled for 20:45 CEST. The game will be telecasted all over the world via the official broadcasting partners of LaLiga Santander.


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