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A fan frames an open letter to tell his grandchildren about the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo

Whilst living in times of self-isolation and listening to sad news, this heartwarming piece on how a fan would tell his future generations about Cristiano Ronaldo is a must-read.

Published By: Dalipinder Singh Sandhu (Bliss)

As football fanatics revert to nostalgia as a coping mechanism for the void left by halted league games. We look upon a fan’s open letter to his future grandchildren about the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Written during the World Cup 2018, this post by a Facebook page named S7 garnered overwhelming response by the connoisseurs of the game.

“Me talking to my grandchildren in 2060:

This man right here is the definition of ‘obsession for perfection’.

This man never gave up. His fiercest rival won the fourth consecutive Ballon d’Or in 2012 and everyone claimed that it was the end of all the discussion. There was no way Ronaldo could even catch up to that tally let alone surpassing it. His national side was in shambles and Real Madrid was celebrating the victory of Copa Del Rey as a successful season.

What do you think happened then?
Did Cristiano Ronaldo gave up and said that I’ve already won everything with one club and have the individual trophies also to be considered as one of the elite players?

No, my child, Cristiano Ronaldo struggled harder, he produced the moments of magic, he started to change his game once again to play more effective football and not eye-pleasing football. He overtook Messi’s Ballon d’Or tally and made it 6-5 in 2018, a comeback from 4-1.

He won Euro 2016 with Portugal by scoring 3 and assisting 3 in the campaign where Portugal scored only 9 goals.

The man who joined a struggling Manchester United and took it to glory later joined a struggling Real Madrid who was about to see the fate of AC Milan and took them to the glory of 4 UCL titles in 5 years.

He took his side to World Cup 2014 by scoring a hat-trick against Zlatan’s Sweden but was unfortunate to play in the World Cup with tendinitis but still featured on the pitch after taking painkillers. He still did not give up.

He entered the 2018 World Cup with more ambition than anyone else and scored a hat-trick against the greatest side in the tournament, Spain. He kept on believing. He never gave up. In the tunnel you could see him clapping ferociously and shouting encouraging words such as ‘Vamos’, on the pitch, he was seen patting the goalkeeper Rui Patricio for his contribution, he was seen as a true leader and the whole Portugal side was radiating the feeling of being secure and confident to have Cristiano Ronaldo on their side.

All the pundits and football experts started to agree with your grandfather’s view that indeed Cristiano Ronaldo is the special player who will be remembered as a true sportsman and a leader than just another legendary football player.

Some sportsmen such as Mohammed Ali are more than one particular sport. They represent a lot more, and that is what Cristiano Ronaldo had achieved. Today we recall Messi as a great footballer. But we recall Cristiano Ronaldo as more than a footballer. The person people want to be like. The mothers who name their children after him. The person who always stood up when all hopes died. The person who will remain there in books for centuries like Achilles or Alexander.

‘I lived in the era of Cristiano Ronaldo and watched him grace the game live,'” concluded the post.

Though Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t yet win his fifth Ballon d’Or his legacy remains intact.


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